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Custermen & Dixie Boys was the name of my original site that contained info on my Dad's unit, along with some Civil War unit history.  Then I added the The Italian Front menu that linked all the personal stories and photos from my Dad.  My site has expanded to include The Italian Campaign menu with the history of battles and units that fought, as well as photos and stories from veterans.  This is still very general history for the beginner but it does contain some specific information to the advanced historian.  The 85th 'Custer' Division is specific to this division. The Greatest Generation includes biographies of soldiers who served in Italy and describes details of their enlistment, training, deportation, combat experiences and/or post-war family.

  Revision History of this site Not always updated, but it follows my progress and lessons I've learned.

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                           WW2 Italian Campaign History

  History of Campaign - General History
     Army Units & Organization
    Generals  - Photos of leaders
    Maps of Italian Campaign & US Army Maps
       0  Liberation of Vicenza
        0  Capture of Imola
        0  Pursuit To Arno Summer 1944
    Luftwaffe Ground Troops  - Luft Field Div & Paratroopers
    Weapons  Mines, Smoke & 'Anzio Annie'
   Equipment  Trucks, Radios, etc for Artillery
   Organization - Infantry Div. and sub units
   Statistics  - Facts and Figures

    85th 'Custer' Division - Intro and short history.
      0  History of 85th Division - Detailed history
    Camp Shelby- Training camp
    Desert Training Center Camps in CA   - 
     0 328th Field Artillery Battalion
       *  Origin of 328 FA     *   General Orders
       WW1 History           *  WW1 HQ Battery
         *  Monthly Operational Reports
        *  Duties of a Battery Detail
     0  310th Engineer Battalion

    Unit Histories -
    88th 'Blue Devil' Division
    91st 'Powder River' Division
    34th "Red Bull" Division - 3-part history
    36th "Texas" Division  -  while in Italy
    3rd 'Marne' Division   -  while in Italy
    1st Armored Division     Detailed history
    442 Regimental Combat Team - Nisei troops
    45th Division - "Anzio Diary"
    92nd "Buffalo" DIvision (Colored) - DRAFT
   Ref Table of US Divisions - Regiments & FA & Egnr
   Table of German Divisions - In Italy, late 1944
    German Divisions  -
Short Unit Histories

   > Favorite Website Links <
    Life at the Front Lines
   Photos From Italian Front
    Sgt Cole and Buddies
    Winter in the Apennines
     The Po Valley and Alps
     German Photos
         German Death Cards
    Stories from the Front
     338th Regt, Heavy Weapons Co
     310th Engineer Battalion

    Group Photos - posed photos
    310th Engineers, Co B
    310th Engineers, Co C.
    328th Field Artillery, Bty B w/Roster
    Bty HQ , Bty A,  Bty C,    SERVICE Bty
    337th Regiment, Co D May 1945
    338th Regiment, Co. A, 1942
    338th Regt, Anti-Tank Co.1942
    339th Regt, Service Co
    328FA Bty HQ dated 1919

    Organization Chart  - Typical Infantry Division
    5th Army Rest Centers

    Points System for discharge
    Voyage Home aboard a troop carrier
     War Attrocities in Italy
    US Army Uniform Details
       - Medals & Ribbons   
       - DUI Pins  of units in Italy 
       - Patches & Insignia    -  Branch Discs

       History of  Italy
    Fascists & Mussolini - Rise & Fall
    Italy at War       
Partisan Organization
    Execution of Mussolini
     Hollywood  Goes to Italy - Movies

    List of Reference Books  & Book Reviews
"Monte Cassino"
"HG Division"
"Silence on Monte Sole" "Draftee Division"

    Glossary of Names & Places

    Army Units & Organization
      Patches & short history of each US Division.
    British   French German

   Anzio Diary - Pvt Paul Brown
   List of 470 KIA recorded in Brown's diary

  The Greatest Generation
Cole   Hill Sarokin
Ayres Erlandson Patterson
Walker Wadsworth Thompson
Roeder Dempsey Stichtenoth
Bauch McCloud Guarnere
Leurich Mills

Dixie Boys - American Civil War  - Research on Mississippi units related to my ancestors.
   The Saga of Private Henry A. Cole
    30th Mississippi Infantry
          & Roster - Carroll County 
    29th Mississippi Infantry
    22nd Mississippi Infantry
      &  "Black Hawk Rifles"
    31st Mississippi Infantry
    39th Mississippi Infantry
    5th Mississippi Cavalry
Company C - Carroll Cty
         &  Companies G & K

  Army of Mississippi at Shiloh
        Detail trivia on units and leaders.
    Bragg's Army of Tennessee
    Hood's Army of Tennessee
    Lookout Mountain - Org Table
    Loring's Division - Fort Pemberton

      Texas Cemetery in Miss - 240 names

    Battle of Fort Pillow - April 12, 1864
Fort Pillow - Main Menu, History & Park photos
Confederate Casualties of Fort Pillow - 100 Namesl
    Union Casualties and Prisoners  ~585 Names
       Maps      History      Stories

         World War 1 Aviation   -  Information relating to the early days of combat aviation that interests me.

Photos of Aircraft & Aces   -  A page of photos: aircraft, badges, uniforms.
Home Fleet-- Scale Models - A list of my 1/72 models and a few photos.
List of Reference Books   - A large list of reference books on this subject.
Blue Max Wargame  (+) - A wargame played with scale models.
(+) means link is external to my website.

 COLE Family History and Miscellaneous  - Genealogy of the Cole family who lived in Mississippi in 1840-1850's.
    COLE Family
  -  COLE Genealogy Main Menu
  Richard Bascom Cole  -  Menu page for
                                       the "Texas Coles"
Pedigree Chart  -  Richard W. Cole

  Descendants of 
Richard W. Cole
               of Carrol County, MS.   14-Pages

   Henry A. Cole -  Grave of Henry, Robert & Eliza.

 Smoke it if you got it 
Black Powder Hobby

History of Yazoo & Miss. Valley RailRoad
    The railroad at Minter City.

Joel & Emily Hill Cemetery
Circa 1853 - Grenada, Miss


 Purpose of my Website
    My purpose is to provide information that I find interesting and important while conserving web space and trying to avoid duplication of basic material.  I try to make my site attractive to both the beginner and the advanced history student, as well as keeping the site simple and easy navigate.  I could easily list dozens of eternal links to other related web sites.  However, I choose not to do this because it becomes a headache to keep these up to date and correct.  As noted above, I try to indicate every place I have added an external link.
   Also I try everything I can to avoid advertisements filling up your screen. My webpage will not have extra pop-up windows nor any advertisements.  I may add links to commericial sites and veteran associations but only if they relate to my topic.  For example, I have found two websites that provide guided tours of the battlefields in Italy.
   The information I post on my website is what I find informative to me. I add information as it becomes available and if I think it ties in with the purpose of my site.  I avoid some items if it is already a topic that well covered in other sites.  Therefore, I don't have much info on the battles for Cassino.
   I have many references to other websites and material for topics not covered or not linked in my site.  If you need links to websites on a related subject, then email me and I will see what I can do to assist you.  Since many of my Reference Books, both on WW2 Italian Campaign and WW1 Aviation, are not available in the average library, email me if you need specific info from one of these books.  I receive about 3 or 4 emails a month from someone who knew a dad or uncle who served in Italy, including readers from Europe.  I usually include an attached text or image file with my reply.

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