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  Dated: June1,  2013
Service Company
339TH Infantry Regiment
 Service Co, 339th Regt
Camp Shelby, Mississippi
March, 1943

 This group photo of the Service Company was taken during training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.  Camp Shelby is located south of Hattisburg, MS and was the camp where the 85th Infantry Division was formed and trained.  Soldiers began to arrive and start their training in April 1942, even though the 85th Division wasn't officially activated until May 15, 1942. This photo was taken of Service Company during their basic training.
    Each Infantry Regiment had a Service Company, an Anti-Tank Company and a Cannon Company attached to it for support.  This photo includes 137 soldiers;  arranged in 7 rows of about 20 on each row.  

    The photo was divided into 3 composites.  Each section can be viewed closer to see faces.  The composite was divided at the two gaps in the front row.  
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Composite 1 - CLICK for larger Image.
Composite 2 -  - CLICK for larger Image.
Composite 3 -  - CLICK for larger Image.

      Info on Section of the Photo

   1 Soldier in front row holds a guidon marked with " 339 S" with crossed rifles.  There was no company "S", so this represents Service Company. 
   2 Banner across bottom of photo reads:  'Service Company 339th Infantry - Camp Shelby, Miss - March 1943' .   In March 1943, the 85th Division left Camp Shelby for maneuvers in Louisana and then on to desert training in California.
   3   Bottom corner printed in white:  - American Photo Co. Camp Shelby. This is the same company that printed a photo of the 310th Engineer Company, also located on my webpage.

   Sorry--  I have not identified anyone in this photo, yet.  I will search for a roster of members of this company.

Uniform Details - All the soldiers are wearing the summer khaki uniform. The NCO's are squatting along the front row, with the Officers standing in the first row behind them.  Each soldier wears the overseas cap with a pin attached.  This is probably the Distinguishing Unit Insignia pin for 339th Infantry Regiment.  The officers wear their rank insignia on their cap and on their shirt collar.  THey wear the shoulder patch for the 85th Custer Division.
   One individual of interst is the 3rd person on the first row from the right.  He seems to be in uniform and wearing an officer's overseas cap with dark piping.  But he wears his "CD" divisional patch on his left breast pocket.  Unlike the officers, he wears no rank insignia.  He is an old gentleman and probably called from retirement to train these men.

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