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ated:  Jan 6, 2006

Of  The
June 1944 - May 1945

   Most history books omit any details of the battles in Italy after the capture of Rome in June 1944.  So these maps detail the fight for the Apennine Mountains in fall of 1944 and the advance into the Po Valley in spring of 1945.
    My plans are to eventually develop an interactive screen that shows a time-line and a simple map for each period of the campaign.  This Menu will have to suffice for now.
    These maps are from government publication of  the US Army's history; the volume "Cassino to the Alps".  

General Map of Italy  - Color Map of Italy - General map of land features with names of towns, rivers, & bordering countries.  Large file, takes time to load.
Map of Gustav Line -   From the official history of the Canadian Army.
      A Map created by Royal Canadian Engineers that shows the positions of the Armies on May 11, 1944, just before the Spring Offensive began. Includes the German defense lines, GUSTAV, HITLER, & CAESAR south of Rome.
Color codes:
         US 5 Army (includes French Exp Corps) British 8 Army(+ Polish Corps)German XIV & X Armies
In case you can't read them, the units illustrated are as follows(in order shown):
  US 5 Army:  6 Corps at Anzio--  British 5 & 1 Infty Div,  US 45 and 34 Infty Divs, and 1 Special Service Forces. 
        US 2 Corps consisted of US 85 and 88 Infty Divisions and
        French Exp Corps consisting of the 1, 2 & 4 Moroccan Division and 3 Algerian Division.
  British 8 Army:  13th Corps, Polish Corps, 10th Corps and 5th Corps.

U.S. Army History  - Maps from U.S. Army History series.
                         Large files - ~ 1000 pixels wide.    Map images will open in a NEW window.

 Gothic Line - A series of maps of the battles during Fall of 1944 & Spring of 1945.
  Map A -  Rome to Arno River -  5 June to 5 August 1944
Map 1Approach to Gothic Line, 25 August 1944

Map 2 -  II Corps Attack on the Gothic Line, 10-18 Sept

Map 3 -  88th Division Thrust Towards Imola & Mt Battaglia, 24 Sept - 1 Oct

Map 4 -  II Corps Attack on Livergnano Escarpment, 1-15 Oct

Map 5Operation ENCORE by 10th Mtn Div,, 19 Feb - 5 March
                   The units noted are Mountain Regiments; not divisions.

Map 6 -  The Spring Offensive, 1945. (same as next 2 maps)

Map 7 -  Breakthrough into Po Valley, 14-21 April 1945

Map 8 -  Race thru Po Valley into the Alps, 21 April - 2 May, 1945

Map 10Spring Offensive -  9 April - 2 May, 1945

History of 85 Infantry Divison  - Maps had sketched from Schultz's History of 85th Infantry Division.

  Map 1 – Attack on Gustav Line -  May 12-14, 1944
  Map 2 – From Minturno to Piverno & Sezze (Part 1) -  May 11- 28, 1944
  Map 3 –  From Minturno to Piverno & Sezze (Part 2) -  May 11- 28, 1944

  Map 4 – The Drive Beyond Rome  -  June 4 – 10, 1944

  Map 5 – The Attack on the GOTHIC Line -  September 13-17, 1944

  Map 6 – The Advance on Tre Poggioli & M. Canda  - September 13-28, 1944

Army Issue Maps - Examples of WW2 Maps used by soldiers in Italy and brought home after the war.  Includes a description of each map in my colleciton and a scan of each type. Includes a large wall map, a detailed field map, a Air Corps silk map and a city map of Naples.
                                                             Go to Army Maps.

Other Sketches  - Black & White Maps of detail battles.
Camp Pilot Knob  -  Desert Training Center in California desert where many divisions trained.  Shows several camps in the area that is now Yuma Proving Grounds.

Salerno Invasion -  First Allied landing on Italian soil.  Sept. 9, 1943 -  The 36th Division landed on the southern beaches and the British divisions to the north.  The US 45th  Division was a floating reserve.
       VI Corps  - Landing Site of 36th Division on first day
       5th Army - Overview of British and American landing sites

'Battle Mountain' - GOTHIC Line -  Mt Battaglia was held by 88th Division, Co G.     For a description of this battle with photos, go to biography of Captain R. Roeder, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his action there. 

Imola - Map of 8th Army advance in the Imola area, on Hiway 9, southeast of Bologna.  This shows the details of the British advance on the right flank of the US 5th Army on April 9 - 15, 1945.

Maps of
Desert Training Center
Maps of the Desert Training Center located in southern California, near Yuma, Arizona.
Scans from a 1943 Air Navigation Chart "San Diego".
      DTC Base
Desert Training Center & Chocolate Mtns.  
      Blythe AAF
East of above map:  Army Air Field & Colorado River.


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