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Dated:  May 31, 2016

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The Italian Campaign

  The following links are ones that I find very useful for further research of the Italian Campaign.  Up to now, I have tried not to include any Links on my site---I don't like sites that have numerous links that do not work.  These are dependable sites which have been around for some time.  I've contacted most of them for assistance with one inquiry or another and they have kindly provided assistance with my research.  Other links are interesting or fun links or ones maintained by some friends.

   Sites with Forums or Message Boards are a good research tool.  You can ask questions for others to read and reply, yet keep it confidential.  These are the sites that I use the most.  If you find a link that is not working, please email me.

HISTORY Sites   (similar to mine)  
The 85th Infantry Division John Heiser's site dedicated to veterans of the 85th.
History of the 45th Infantry Division Some history and articles from a site for re-enactors.
Axis History Factbook General info on German uniforms, units and history.  Forum can answer any question on German WW2 history.
752nd Tank Battalion A good page about one of the neglected units.
Military.com History Extensive site for military personel and people with any interest in past or present military.  Forum.
85th Combat Enginneers Engineer Battalion that made pontoon bridges.
In Italy from Sept 1943 - Sept 1944.
6th Corps Engineers A new website on the 540th Engineers & VI Corps. 
Louisana Maneuvers

Articles about the large-scale Army exercises in LA.

Camp Forrest
General Forrest Military Reservation near Tullahoma, site training camp.
5th Army Anti-Aircraft -booklet
Scan of a booklet about the Anti-aircraft units that served in Italy.
Comando Supremo Complete website on the Italian Army.  + Forum.
Digger History Austrialian military history.  Comprehensive site on uniforms, battles, weapons, equipment, etc. related to WW2.
88th Division Reenactors A group located in Ohio.  Webmaster is Pat Costa.
Site has a Forum. 
Mestas & 88th Division Dedicated to PFC Felix Mestas, Jr., 350th Regiment, 88th Division, who was killed in action at Battle Mountain. 
SPROE Encyclopedia A very handy Encyclopedia that also has details on the movie "Saving Private Ryan".  Basic reference material.
Gothic Line Tours A local Italian who offers tours around Florence. 
Bud Wagner's Book Commericial site for a great book.  Diary of a soldier who was a "runner" for 151st FA, 45th Division. 
Army Patches    -
       Shoulder Patches
This was one of my favorite resources for patches.  
Now the site has pop-up videos.  Just beware.
WW2 Army Patches
A great source for all US Army patches.
WW2 Squadron Patches Info on US Army Air Force patches for all squadrons.  Includes other patches, such as Marines.

Espenlaub Militaria 

Militaria Collectibles & Reenactors & good links.
    aka  AboutWW2militaria.com
Carcano Rifles Details & photos on the Italian rifle used in WW2 
& by Lee Harvey Oswald.
Dog Tags & Army Serial Numbers
Detailed study of serial numbers on US dogtags.  (The other site closed down so this is the best that I could find.)
15th Air Force - Organization
List every bomber group & squadron and shows the Aircraft tail markings for each.
 An Austrian site; this page is in English.

47th Bomb Group

Medium bomber group operating A-20's from Italy.

Fountains of Rome

 Useful for identifying the fountains in the old GI photos.

45th Division Museum Great collection of miltaria from WW1, WW2 and modern conflicts.  20 military vehicles.  Bill Mauldin collection.
Camp Shelby Armed Forces Museum Museum with info on the divisions that trained here.  16,000 sqft Building, 17,000 artifacts, and a Medal of Honor Tower.  Located at Hattisburg, MS. 
American Battle Monuments Commission Seach for any soldier buried overseas.
Center for Military History
  History of the Italian Campaign
     1- Naples-Foggia
     2-  Anzio
     3 - Rome to Arno

     4- North Apennines
     5- Po Valley
     6- Three Battles: Mt Altuzzo
US Army's History publications.
Good history and maps.  Most of this is copied from the US Army's history books.   "Three Battles" include a detailed account of the 338th Regiment at Monte Altuzzo.
See the items listed.
Canadian War Cemeteries
Website of Cape Breton Highlanders -  Info on WW2 Cemeteries

Gotica Toscana

Museum located just below Il Giogo Pass and Mt. Altuzzo.  
Museum of Iola di Montese
Museum located in Italy with many items collected from the 10th Mountain Division.  They sale a book of color photos taken by a Veteran of this unit.  Great photos of their displays.
Golden Arrow Research
Performs research at National Archives for Service Records about your Veteran or his unit.

34th Infantry Division
              34th Division Forum
New site and forum.  Includes history and combat reports. 
36th Division History  & 
    36th Division Forum (no link)
    History of 36th Division
Thru this site's forum, I made contact with the squad leader of my Uncle.  Includes a complete Roster.
History of 36th Division from GI-issued booklet.
10th Mountain Division Good site.  Honor Roll has names of those killed in Italy.
88th Infantry Division Association New and under construction.  New site.
The Polar Bear Association 339th Infantry Regiment of the 85th Division created by John Heiser, Historian for the Polar Bears.
USS General Alexander E. Anderson
Veteran's of the troop ship that took the 85th Division to Italy in 1943.  Also brought home the POWs of Batan(movie 'The Raid').
456th Bomb Group Association
             +  Sgt Sid Ayres & Nose Art
Great site with cool photos.  Guest book is used to search for members.   + Page that I contributed.
376th Heavy Bombardment Group Includes a list of missions & a roster of pilot.  Slow to load.
Tuskegee Airmen Inc. The famous black fighter squadron.
American WW2 Orphans Network
  +  Dedication Page
AWON is a national organization of US War orphans of WW2.     + Tributes to soldiers killed in duty.


"Combat!"  -  Details on every actor and episode of the 1960's TV show.

Hooterville Corner  -  Info about me and my WW2 projects & displays.

WW1 Aircraft  -  Another of my websites on WW1.  List of reference books.  3 pages.

Dixie Boys  -   My webpage related to research into my Civil War ancestors.   12 pages.
Includes Histories of Mississippi regiments & my research on Battle of Fort Pillow.

Civil War Battlefield Tours -  Panoramic photos of many CW battlefields for a virtual tour.

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