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Dated:  May 26, 2013
Dixie Boys    
  This site contains info on Mississippi units that fought in the Civil War.  The name "Dixie Boys" was taken from the name of Company K, of the 30th Mississippi Infantry Regiment.   This website contains some information on regimentss from Mississipppi as well as battles and armies in the Western Theater, which includes Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.
    The Mississippi Unit Histories menu contain detailed historical info on 22nd and 30th Mississippi Infantry and 5th Mississippi Cavalry Regiments, including partial rosters.  The Organization Tables contains an outline of regiments and commanders for different Confederate Armies.   I've added a new organizational table of the Army of Mississippi at Shiloh and have added my own detail information on many of the leaders and regiments.  It includes detailed information before and after the battle, such as promotions, wounds or post war career.  The Death Records includes list of battle casualties and burial rosters of soldiers that I have found during my geneology research.

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The Custermen website is a much larger site on the Italian Campaign of WW2.
"Custermen" was a term for the soldiers who served in the 85th 'Custer' Division.

DixieBoys is the name of a unit raised from Carroll County, MS, that became Company K of the 30th Mississippi Regiment.

Dixie Boys

  Historical Records I've assembled while researching my COLE genealogy.  The unit histories are from Dunbar Rowland's "Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898" with supplement by H. Grady Howell.

MISSISSIPPI UNIT HISTORIES- Email me if you have any ancestors who served in one of the units listed below.
      If your ancestor was from Carroll County, you may find his name in one of the rosters.
30th Mississippi Infantry     Regiment History of ancestor's unit.

  &   Roster Roster of men in the 30th Miss Regiment from Carroll County

22nd Mississippi Infantry   Regiment History

  &   Company G, "Black Hawk Rifles"  - Detailed history and roster of men from Carroll County 

5th Mississippi Cavalry - Regiment History

    &    Company C  -  Brief History and Roster of Company C of Carroll County.

3rd Mississippi Cavalry - McGuirk's Cavalry Regiment History 

29th Mississippi InfantryRegiment History of unit that was with 30th Miss Regt.

31st Mississippi Infantry - Regiment History 

39th Mississippi Infantry - Regiment History

  Battle of Fort Pillow - April 12, 1864

Battle of Fort Pillow -  Brief History of Battle + Photos of the State Park
Organization & Regiments         Maps     Union River Fleet   

Confederate Casualties of Fort Pillow - List of 99 Confederate casualties(WIA & KIA).

Union Casualties of Fort Pillow - List of of 580 Union Prisoners & casualties(WIA & KIA).

Stories of Fort Pillow  - Details on the soldiers who fought and died at the battle.


Army of Mississippi at Shiloh  Expanded with details about leaders and units

Bragg's Army of Tennessee  -  Chattanooga Campaign, 1863

Hood's Army of Tennessee  - Hood's Nashville Campaign, 1864

Battle of Lookout Mountain  - US & CS Armies- Nov 24, 1863

Loring's Division at Fort Pemberton - March 1863, Greenwood, MS


Texas Cemetery  - Burial record for 240 casualites of a Texas hospital in Enterprise, MS.

The Saga of Private Henry A. Cole & Family  -  One family's story.

Joel Hill Family Grave  -   An ancestor who died before the War.  Grenada MS.

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