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  October 16, 2013  
Battery B
328TH Field Artillery Battalion

Fort Dix, New Jersey - 1943
 This is a large, 8 X 34 inch group photo of Battery B of the 328th Field Artillery Battalion.  Photo was taken at Fort Dix just prior to their embarking for North Africa on December 24, 1943.  The 85th Custer Division had spent about 3 months in Fort Dix after leaving desert training in California in October and traveling across the US.

     Due to the large format, the photo was divided into 4 composites.  Some photos have little or no overlap.  Each section can be viewed up close to see faces.  Click to enlarge and photo will open in a new window.

See alphabetical Roster of Battery B, below.

   Details of each Composite   Due to the large format, the photo was divided into 4 composites.
Click on Photo to go to enlarged composite with names of each soldier.
Front 1-9, 
Second 1-9 
Front 10-17, 
Second 10-21, 
Rear 1-6 
Capt. Armstrong & officers
Front 18-25, 
Second 22-33, 
Rear 7-11
Front  26-34, 
Second 32-43
   1 - Front Row 1-9, Second 1-9 -   Photographer's ID for photo is at bottom corner.  Dad pointed out to me the grinning soldier, 2nd from right, front row, and told me he was the comedian of the battery(no ID).  Its pretty obvious.  His name is Hogan.
   2 - Front 10-17, Second 10-17, Rear 1-6 - Captain Armstrong is front row on far right.  The tall man left of him is a Master Sergeant Eric Bauch.  The second man to the left of him on the 2nd row is Staff Sgt. N. F. Cole.  Sgt Karl Strube is first one on rear row.
   3 - Front 18-25, Second 22-33, Rear 7-11 - Lt. Wm Sullivan is front row, 2nd Lt. from far left, standing next to Lt. with eyes closed. Dad's handwritten note at top of photo.
   4 - Front Row  26-34, Second 32-42Slight water damage to edge of photo.

   Information added to the original photo

A -  Notes on front of photo added by my Dad.
                  "Battery 'B', 328th Field Artillery BN, Fort Dix, NJ"

B - Photographers Info printed on back:
                     "David Pond Willis, Post Photographer, Fort Dix, N.J."

C - Notes on back of photo added by my Dad.  He has listed the names of all those who were in his Fire Control Section.  My Dad like to use nicknames and was a bad speller but "Tuffy" was a real name.  I don't know when he wrote down these names; while at Fort Dix or after the war.  And I'm not sure if all these names are in the group photo as they may have been in another Battery or may have joined after the photo was taken.  Also, see my article "General Organization & Intelligence" at Stories from Italian Front.

          Fire Control Section
                        Capt. Armstrong, Staff Officer
                 S/Sgt Cole, Chief of Section
                        Tech 4 Grade, Eide - Radio Operator   (listed as "Eddie" at Stories from Italian Front )
                        Sgt. Davis, Wire Sgt                         See photo at Stories from Italian Front
                        Cpl Fink    - Switch Board Operator    See photo at Sgt Cole and Buddies
                        Cpl Pouncy - "       "         "
                        Cpl Forest  - Instrument Operator See photo at Sgt Cole and Buddies
                        Cpl Baur -                     "               "       (listed as Bower at Stories from Italian Front )
                        Cpl Shares -                   "               "
                        Cpl Owings - Clerk
                        PFC Faras - Radio Operator
                        PFC Blais  -       "          "
                        PFC Sugrue(?unreadable?) -  "          "
                        PFC Borders -     Bookkeeper      See photo at Sgt Cole and Buddies
                        PFC Tuffy    - Telephone Operator   (Not to be confused with Sgt. Duffy)
                        PFC Aridas  -       "             "            See photo at Sgt Cole and Buddies
                        PFC Perry   -        "             "
                        PFC Biangone  -   "             "            See photo at Sgt Cole and Buddies
                        PFC Morales  -    Driver
                        PFC Scott      -       "
                        PFC Green    -       "
                        PFC Vaurer (Vavrek)    -      "
                        PFC Willett    -       "
            ~~~ end ~ of ~ list ~~~

  The following are Group photos of the other batteries within 328 FA.
HeadQuarters Bty Battery A
Battery C Service Battery

 328th FA Officer - A group photo of most of the officers that served in the 328th FA Battalion.
                                     Includes a roster and their duty assignments.

Biographies of soldiers of Battery B, 328 FA.  (Click on photo to open)

Link to Sgt Bauch's Biography
Link to Sgt Cole's Biography
Biography of Sgt. Keane
Biography of Pvt. Milles

    Roster of Battery B    Alphabetical order

Roster was compiled from a copy of the above group photo that had been signed by each member of the battery. Some names were illegible. This list was compared to the Operational Reports of the 328 FA and the names were corrected and serial numbers added. 

Roster is arranged in alphabetical order. The "Photo ID" column denotes the row and number that corresponds to their position in the group photo.  EX: S 14 refers to a soldier on the Second row and 14th from left.  Additional names were added of soldiers who were not in the photo because they joined the battery at a later date.  These names are designated with a orange ID number.  If Name has a '?' or  __?__  , this means their signature was illegible. 
                       Fr - Front Row      S- Second Row        R - Rear or 3rd Row

       Photo ID       Last Name     First, MI                    Rank          Serial No. & Comments
 1  Fr 20  Apicella  Joseph R. 

 2  Fr 29  Aridas  James 
 3  Fr 17  Armstrong  William     Capt.  Commander of the Battery
 4  S 35   Bailey,  Eugene 
 5  Fr 14  Bauch,  Erich         First Sgt     6260975 
 6  Fr 13  Baur,  Charles L.
92  S 17   Biangone, Jessie J     T/5    
94         Bishop, Thomas E.      2nd Lt.      O1184623
 7  Fr 31  Blais,  Leo A.                      11113618
 8  S 25   Bloomgreen,  Robert W.              33437013
 9  S 32   Borders,  William G.                33200094
10  S 38   Breedman,  Samuel 
11  Fr 28  Capiello,  Thomas                   32333290
93  Fr 10  Christiansen, Guy A.    Sgt 
12  S 18   Coffey,  John L. 
13  S 14   Cole,  Newton F.       S/Sgt 
14         Conlely,  Lonzo H.     T/5          34327143
15  S 9    Davis,  Condon 
16  Fr 2   Di Giacomo, Lorenzo A  PFC          32965682
17         Diangone,  Jessie J.   T/5          33685497
18  S 28   Dick,  Woodrow 
19  Fr 24  Dudas,  George 
20  S 24   Duffy,  John 
21  Fr 21  Faras,  Edward 
22  S 13   Festa,  Peter          Cpl          33314060
23  R 9    Fink,  Ray W.          T/5          35637097
24  S 16   Flynn,  Patrick J.     S/Sgt        32337963
25  S 15   Forest,  Thomas J.     Cpl          32525418
26  Fr 7   Garner,  Julian L.     PFC          33444346
27  R 5    Goering,  Harold J.                 37195810
28  S 22   Golightly, Joel M. 
29         Green,  Frederick E.   Pvt          6947328
30  S 12   Green,  George A. 
31  R 2    Hannes,  Alfred H.                  6274891
32  S 5    Hashinger,  Raymond J. Cpl          33337671
33  S 26   Hatcher?,  Joseph 
34  Fr 8   Hogan,  John L. 
35  S 4    Hoskins,  Claude 
36  Fr 4   Jolly,  William D.                  34303827
37  Fr 27  Kearby,  Arnold L.     PFC          36074866
38  Fr 34  Kester,  Albert        PFC          38128320
39  S 42   Kistler,  Fred A.                   6398700
40  Fr 18  Kitts,  Roy G.         1st Lt.
41         Koontz,  Paul R.       Pvt          35037993
42  S 33   LaRosh,  Doyle Kansas 
43  Fr 1   Laughnerang, Arthur E.
44  S 40   Littlehale,  Ivan H.   Cpl          37196229
45  S 23   Lloyd,  John 
46  S 7    Lohrmeyer,  Henry J.   T/5          37203249
97  Fr 10  Lukatchik, Micholas              
47  Fr 15  Mack,  William 
48  S 30   Margo,  John 
96         Matera, Anthony C.
49  R 8    Mayer,  Thomas 
50  R 4    Mayle,  Robert J.      PFC          35741539
51  S 34   McLane,  Audrey H. 
52  S 39   Melson,  William C. 
53  R 7    Mitchell,  Robert L.
54  Fr26?? Moretti,  Armando      PFC           31193661
55  S 8    Morris,  Alvin L. 
56  Fr 32  Natoli,  Joseph        Cpl           32341685
57  S 10   Nelson,  Raymond A.    Sgt.          34303530
58  Fr 12  O'Brien,  Ronald 
59  Fr 30  Owings,  Herbert 
60  S 6    Panegar,  Preston H. 
61  S 3    Perry,  Raymond 
62  R 6    Person,  David L. 
63  Fr 25  Pliss_?,  Durward?? 
64  S 1    Pouncey,  Roy 
65  S 29   Pratley,  Thomas 
66  R 10   Quay,  Walter H.       Pvt           12214481
67  S 36   Rathgeber,  Eugene A.  Pvt           11120262
68  Fr 11  Rayner,  Forest E.                   38128200
69  S 37   Reynolds,  James 
70  Fr 16  Robinson,  Robert 
71  Fr 3   Ross,  Anthony L. 
72  S 19   Rupe,  Melvin W.                     35565081
73  S 2    Ryan,  John Patrick 
74         Scott,  ____?__ 
75  Fr 6   Scott,  Delmar N.      PFC           35499368
76  S 31   Shaw,  Robert 
77         Shier,  David S.       1st Lt        01174438
78  Fr 5   Simonian,  Samuel NMI                31292064
 *         Slaughter,  Ira        Sgt 
79  S 27   Smith,  David? L. 
80  Fr 9   Smith,  Earl R. 
81  S 41   Smith,  Edwin 
82  R 1    Strube,  Karl G.       T/4           37202274
83  Fr 19  Sullivan,  William E.  1st Lt
84         Tanzer,  Walter H.     1st Lt        O1165797
85  S 11   Thompson, Cecil H.     T/5           38137050
86         Tippett,  John         T/5           14018184
87  R 3    Treadway,  Finnis      PFC           34330358
88  Fr 22  Tuffy,  Vincent P.                   32340978
89  Fr 23  Vavrek,   John         Cpl           3326691
90  Fr 33  Willett,   Ira
95*        Williams, Billie       PFC  
91  S 20   Willis,  Arthur W.     PFC           36241007

Note:  I'm missing a listing for the last man on both the Second row and the Rear row.  Checking records for missing name.
First Sgt is the highest ranking NCO of the unit.
 * Sgt Ira Slaughter was on Duty and missed the photos.  PFC Billie Wililams had just returned to Fort Dix from Leave when he received the news that his Mother was ill.  He immediately returned home without Leave.  Upon his return to camp, he was placed on 30 days KP duty, which was forgotten as soon as they disembarked for Italy a few days later.
74   Numbers in Orange were names added to the Roster who were not in the photo, but their names appeared in the battalion records as members of Battery B.

Battery B in Action
Battery B at Famagnola, Feb 1945
An official Army Signal Corps photo taken near Ramagnola on 15 Feb. 1945.
Note how the trail of the gun has dug a nice semi-circular trench due to the recoil.
The "huts" made out of ammo crates match other photos from this period.

Caption on back of photo identifies the unit and location and date.

Caption on back of official Army photo

           Unit Organization and Definitions

      Field Artillery Battalion - Consisted of three(3) Batteries and Headquarters Battery, Service Battery, Medical group under command of a Colonel.

    Battery - The group that operated and fired four(4) 105mm howitzers.  One battery consisted of about 100 men. See definition of Headquarters Battery.

   Headquarters Battery - The HQ Battery did not operate any cannon.  However they were the command staff of the entire battalion. They handled all the paper-work that dealt with logistics and promotion, as well as making decisions about where to deploy their guns.

   Fire Section - Responsible for sighting guns and controlling the placement of artillery.  Includes Forward Observer who observed enemy positions from an Observation Post or front lines.


                                      1986 Reunion of 328th FA at Huntsville, AL.
Veterans and families standing along the back row are William Sullivan, Jack Regan(HQ Battery) and Newton F. Cole, III, son of the Mr. Cole.   Seated are Newton F. Cole, Jr., Karl Strube Ira Slaughter, B.B. Darnell, & {unidentified}The wives are seated on the front row, with Lillibeth Cole on the far left.   Mrs. Merle Slaughter is wearing purple.  Mrs. Darnell is the second from the Right.

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