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Dated: Nov 29, 2011

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COMPOSITE 2 of PHOTO of Battery B 328TH Field Artillery Battalion

Rear ROW  1 T/4 Karl G. Strube,    2  S/Sgt Alfred H. Hannes,   3  Finnis Treadway,   4 Robert J. Mayle,  5  T/5 Harold G. Goering,   6  David L. Person 
Second ROW  10 Sgt. Raymond A. Nelson,   11 T/5 Cecil H. Thompson,   12  George A. Green,   13 Cpl Peter Festa,  14  S/Sgt Newton F. Cole,      15 Cpl. Thomas J. Forest,    16 S/Sgt Patrick J. Flynn,   17  Tec5 Jessie J. Biangone,   18  John L. Coffey,    19  Melvin W. Rupe,    20 PFC Arthur W. Willis ,     21 Sgt. Guy A. Christiansen. 
 Front ROW - 10  Micholas Lukatchik    11 Forest E. Rayner,   12  Ronald O'Brien,    13 Cpl Charles L. Baur,   14  1st Sgt Erich Bauch,  15  William Mack,  16  Robert Robinson,  17 Capt. William Armstrong 

Notes: I've omitted the rank for anyone who was a Private or a Private First Class.  The Rank listed may be the rank at the time of the photo or at a later date, based on Battalion records.
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Thanks to Charles Bauch for the identification of the men in the photo.  His father, 1st Sgt Erich Bauch, had collected the signature of every soldier in the photo soon after the photo was taken at Fort Dix.   Some names were partially illegible, but their complete name and rank was identified through my records of the 328th FA Battalion obtained from the National Archives.

SR 13 - Cpl Charles L. Baur - see Good Conduct Medal.
SR 15 - Cpl. Thomas J. Forest received Purple Heart on 2 Jun 44 just south of Rome.  He was wounded by a shell while cooking potatoes.  Photo at Photos from the Italian Front.
SR 16 - S/Sgt Partick Flynn was from New York and there are 3 photos of him at Photos from the Italian Front and Good Conduct Medal.
FR 17-  Capt. William Armstrong was one-half Native Indian.

     Details of each Composite         Due to the large format, the photo was divided into 4 composites.
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Front 1-9, 
Second 1-9 
Front 10-17, 
Second 10-21, 
Rear 1-6 
Capt. Armstrong & officers
Front 18-25, 
Second 22-33, 
Rear 7-11
Front  26-34, 
Second 32-43

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