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Dated:   January 22, 2009
Battery C

328TH Field Artillery Battalion

Fort Dix, New Jersey - 1943

    This is a large, 8 X 34 inch group photo of Battery C of the 328th Field Artillery Battalion.  Photo was taken at Fort Dix just prior to their embarking for North Africa on December 24, 1943.  The 85th Custer Division had spent about 3 months in Fort Dix, as best as I can determine, after leaving desert training in California in October and traveling across the US.
    I don't have any details about this photo, yet.  The background details and the overall appearance of this photos matches the photos of Battery B and Battery HQ photos that were taken on the parade ground at Fort Dix, NJ.  I hope to be able to provide the idenitity of some of these soldiers.

     Due to the large format, the photo was divided into 3 composites with some overlap.  Each section can be viewed up close to see faces.  Click to enlarge and photo will open in a seperate window.

Click on image to Enlarge.

  1    2    3
Click to open larger image in a new window. Click to open larger image in a new window. Click to open larger image in a new window.

      Details of each Composite

   1   Left section shows the Photo ID number.

   2 - This section starts where there is a gap in the 1st Row.  This section contains the officers.
          Battery Commander, Lt. Bill Dempsey, is the officer to left of the tallest officer in center of front row.
          The officer that is 2nd from left appears to be Lt. George Brehm.  The 6th is Lt. B.B. Darnell.

   3 - Last section begins with a gap in the 2nd row.
           Pvt Joseph Tulka was identified on the 1st Row, 10th from the Left, by his son Thomas Vaghini.

   Information added to the original photo
 No info marked on this photo.  The scan may have clipped off any info on the bottom of the photo.
I hope to get more information on this photo and the soldiers in it.

   During the last days of the war, the infantry was moving so rapidly, that the Germans had to surrender to artillerymen.

    328th FA Bn, Battery C, believes it chalked up a record for the highest number of PWs captured in a day by any one firing battery.  89 prisoners in 24 hours isn’t a bad haul for artillerymen.  The prisoners were brought in by Sgt Charlie Glidden, T/4 James Hill, T/5 John Kleckner, Pfc Charles Shipley, Pfc A. J. Wyatt, Pfc Pete Ingoglia, Pvt Lester Strawn and Pvt George Bush.

                           ~~quoted from Custer Combateer, Vol 1, No. 3, May 1945
                        This was a newspaper printed for the soldiers after the war ended.

Battery C, 328FA
      An excellent photo of artillerymen of the 328th and probably members of a Battery C gun crew.
        Photo appears to have been taken in the Apennine Mountains in Italy in early spring of 1945.
                                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTO COURTESY OF BILL DEMPSEY.


Corporal William Brooks

  A studio portrait of Corporal William E. Brooks,
  taken in Rome in 1944.

 Corporal Brooks served in Battery C originally
 but later transferred to Battery B.

Photos courtsey of Susan McIntosh, daughter of Corporal Brooks.
Bill Brooks
Corporal Brooks posing with a 105mm Howitzer stowed ready for transport.

    328th FA Officer  - A group photo of most of the officers that served in the 328th FA Battalion.  
                                     Includes a roster and their duty assignments.

     HQ Battery 1919 - A group photo of this same unit taken after World War 1.

 The following Group photos of the other batteries within 328 FA.
 HQ Battery
Battery A
(not available)
Battery B Battery C Service Battery


 A special thanks to Bill Dempsey for providing this group photo and many photos from his Father's collection.  Bill is the son of Captain Bill Dempsey.  Bill's support and encouragement have been a great motivation for me.

Bill Dempsey at OCS

  Photo of Bill Dempsey while he was attending Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, OK.

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Captain Bill Dempsey,
Battery C, 328FA

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