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Dated: Aug 11,  2007

OFFICERS of the 328TH Field Artillery Battalion

           This page contains detail information on the officers of the 328th Field Artillery Battalion
            that includes a  roster of the names and positions.

Officer Roster & Positions

                            Group Photo of Officers of 328th Field Artillery Battatlion         >>  Scroll Right -->>  to see entire photo.
Group photo of Officers of 328th FA.

FRONT ROW - (Numbered Left to Right)   RANK SHOWN AT TIME OF PHOTO
   #1 - Lt. John NEWFIELD,         #2 - Lt. RIEMAN,         #3 - Lt. Bill NEUBEL,      #4 - Capt. Macolm SHAW, 
   #5 - Capt. Wm. ARMSTRONG, #6 - Capt. G. BREHM,   #7 - Capt. Harold GOODWIN,  #8 - Lt George BIGGS (Bty C CO), 
   #9 - Maj. Everette BURTON,     #10 - Capt. ZAK,        #11 - Capt KINTER,          #12 - Lt. Bill DEMPSEY, 
   #13 - Capt. Braulio ALONSO (Bty A CO),   #14 - Lt. J. STEVENS,      #15 - Lt. LIPSCOMB,    #16 - Lt. Roy KITTS, 
   #17 - Lt. Walter TANZER.
BACK ROW - (Left to Right)
   #4 - Lt. GERMAIN,        #5 - Lt. BROWN,          #9 - Lt. HARMON,     #10 - Lt. DARNELL,    #11 - Lt. ROBINSON, 
   #12 - Lt. MITCHELL,    #14 - Lt. REYNOLDS,    #17 - Lt. HELLNER
    This is a group photo of the officers of the 328th Field Artillery.  Photo was also taken on the parade ground at Fort Dix, NJ, in 1943, simliar to the group photos of each battery.   There are a few officers who don't seem to be present, for example Lt. W. Sullivan.  It is possible that they had duty assignments or were on leave.

   For more photos of the officers with their battery, go to the following pages of each Battery's group photo:
HeadQuarters Bty Battery A
(not available)
Battery B Battery C Service Battery

A special thanks to Bill Dempsey, son of Captain Bill Dempsey, for providing this group photo and information on the
officers during and after their serivce in the war.

Insignia - 328FA  Roster of Officers 
 of the 328th Field Artillery Battalion

  Listed by Position within the battalion

   This roster was compiled from the orders issued by the 328FA that I obtained from the
National Archives.  These Orders are memos that were written to explain who was promoted
or relieved of duty.  I have tried to list the names in a chronological order as to how they served
in each position.  There are some
obvious gaps in time.  Other names are found in the Ops
Reports and other historical references.

The purpose is to compile as many names of the officer cadre as possible.   However, from
the time of the April 1945 and end of the war until the time they returned to US, the officers  
transferred duties quite frequently as they took leave and leave for other units.
Commander     (1943 - Indicates position held in December 1943 prior to leaving USA.)

Lt. Col. Rex E. Chandler May 1942  Aug 1942 - Transfer

Major Everette Y. Burton, Jr. Aug 1942 Purple Heart
Executive Officer (XO)

Major William A. Harris May 1942 Aug 1942 - Transfer

Major W. A. Harris July 1942  

Major George P. Biggs Acting April 1943  

Major James S. McAnulty 1943  & S-1

Major George P. Biggs May 11, 1945 Relived S-3

2nd Lt. Edward O. Kaasmann  

WO James T. Henson, Sr. May 1943 (WO - Warrant Officer)

Capt. George J. Brehm  Acting Purple Heart 2 Oct 44
BSM  Sep-Nov 44
(Died in a 1990 car wreck.)

2nd Lt. Richard E. Arbuckle Acting  
S-2 & Assistant S-2

Capt. Charles L. Badger Sept 1942 From Itel Officer

1st Lt. Jerome A.  
S-2 - 1943

1st Lt. John C. Stevens Acting Asst BSM  Sep-Nov 44

2nd Lt. Thomas H. Howell   Asst- Jan 1943

S-3 & Assistant S-3

2nd Lt. John A. Newfield Asst From Asst S-2

Capt. George P. Biggs Feb 1943  

1st Lt. Macolm Shaw, Jr.

Acting - April 43
Asst S-3 - 1943

1st Lt. Willard M. Rieman Asst - April 43  

Capt. Malcolm Shaw, Jr.  May 11, 1945 Revoked

Capt. Harold E. Goodwin May 11, 1945   

Capt. Harold E. Goodwin May 21, 1945  Relieved S-3

1st Lt. John B. McClintock May 21, 1945 Relieved Liason Ofcr

Unknown & Other Assignment

Capt. Mark J. Hughes
Medical Officer- Dec 1943

Capt. John C. Stevens

 Liaison Officer
 3rd Btn, 337 IR

Capt. Howard B. Kinter, Jr

2nd Lt.  Charles F. Maus
Liason Pilot - Dec 1943  

Officers of the Batteries
A Capt. James S. McAnulty CO - May 1942  BSM  Sep-Nov 44
A Capt. Braulio Alonso CO 1943 Purple Heart
{Supt of Education for Florida}
A 1st Lt James L. Cook
Executive Ofcr - 1943
A 1st Lt. Willard M. Riemann
Reconn Ofcr - 1943
A 2nd Lt. Charles A. Usvolk
Maintenance Ofcr -1943
A 2nd Lt. Felice? E. Ceciato?

B Capt. Wilson Sifford CO - May 1942 
B Capt. William B. Armstong CO 1943  BSM  Sep-Nov 44
B 1st Lt. Robert R. Robinson
Executive Ofcr - 1943
B 1st Lt. Roy G. Kitts Reconn Ofcr - 1943
B 2nd Lt. William E. Sullivan Maintenance Ofcr -1943
HQ-Asst Comm Ofcr
Dec 1944
Mize, MS

B 1st Lt. David S. Shier  ?
B Lt. George Brehm HQ Staff  (see above)
B Lt. Barrow FO   Oct 24, 1944 KIA - friendly fire
B 1st Lt. Robert R. Robinson *
Monticello, IA
B 2nd Lt. Thomas E. Bishop
C Lt. George P. Biggs CO - 1942  
C 1st Lt Wm. J. Dempsey, Jr
CO - 1943  
C 1st Lt.  Wm. G. Neubel  Executive Ofcr - 1943  (Brother-in-law of Dempsey)
C 1st Lt.  John A. Newfield
 Reconn Ofcr - 1943
C 2nd Lt.  B. B. Darnell  * Maintenance Ofcr -1943
Hq 1st Lt. Charles L. Badger CO - 1942  
Hq Capt. Howard B. Kinter, Jr.
CO - 1943

Hq Lt. Richard L. Tyron CO - 1944? Transfered out of 328FA
Hq Lt. T. E. Mitchell CO - Dec 45
Hq 1st Lt. Thomas E. Mitchell
Asst Comm - 1943
Hq 2nd Lt. David S. Shier
Maintenance - 1943 Macon, GA
Purple Heart - 5 Feb 45
Sv Capt. Henry F. Bacon CO - 1942
Sv Capt. Harold Goodwin CO 1943 Promoted to S-4
Sv 1st Lt.

Sv 1st Lt. James W. Lipscomb Ammo Train Ofcr - 1943

1st Lt. Walter L. Tanzer
(Brooklyn, NY)

Maintenance Ofcr -1943
Baty B - Fwd Observer
Wounded in action
Oct 8 1944

Sv 2nd Lt. Perry G. Harmon
Motor Ofcr -1943
Sv CWO Martin L. Mathews
Asst S-4 -1943
? 2nd Lt. Charles H. Usvolk
Chicago, IL
? Lt. Stark
See Ops Report
?  Lt. Richards
See Ops Report

Other Artillery Officers

Capt. Leslie M Boring 910 FA, 85 ID Adjutant - Oct 42

1st Lt. Edgar B. Colleday, Jr
910 FA, 85 ID Silver Star - 26 Sept 44

2nd Lt. Al Gutterman
910 FA, 85 ID Silver Star - 26/27 Sept 44

1st Lt. Gerald Tabor 403 FA, 85 ID KIA   15 May 1945
Buried at Nettuno, Italy

"Purple Heart - 5 Feb 45" -  On this date, a German artillery round hit the headquarters of the 2nd
Battalion of the 337th Regiment, killing many of the commanders and proabably injuring some
members of the 328th FA officers. 
* PFC Billie Williams, Battery B, said that Lt. Robinson was the best soldier he knew.

* Capt. B. B. Darnell was a Maintenance Officer in Battery C, and later a Forward Observer for 7 months.
He was awarded a Silver Star Medal for action on May 13-15, 1944.  Whil on patrol, he located and
knocked out 4 Machine Gun bunkers. The next day he destroyed two more.

  Fort Sill Artillery Officer's Class -  The following officers attended a class together at Fort Sill as part of their OCS.  These names appear on a graduation commencement brochure and a group photo of the graduates.  These officers later served in the 328FA or other artillery within the 85th Division.
        George Brehm             Harold Goodwin
        Bill Dempsey               Jerome A. Zaklikiewicz

The following names were also included in the class.  These officers were assigned to Camp Shelby but not with the 85th Division.
  Shelby Dale Foote (Served in 50FA of 5th Division. After war, he wrote the series on the Civil War.)
  Edward Andrews  (Eddie Andrews became an actor after the war.)

The Career of an Officer
Lt Dempsey at OCS
 Bill Dempsey shown at Fort Sill, OK, where he began his career in Officer Candidate School in 1942.  Later, he completed the school for artillery officers.  He is wearing an OCS patch on his sleeve.
Capt Dempsey in Italy
Captain Bill Dempsey later in the war.
In the group photo, above, taken at Fort Dix
in 1943, Dempsey was a Lieutenant.

Compare this photo to one on left to see how much Bill has "aged" while in combat.

Silver Star Award

Example of a certificate for Silver Star awarded to a Forward Observer.

    WALTER L. TANZER, (01165797), First Lieutenant, Field Artillery Battery “B”, 328 Field Artillery Battalion, United States Army. For gallantry in action on 2 and 3 October 1944, in Italy. When the company to which he was attached as a forward artillery observer reached its objective, found itself surrounded by enemy infantry and tanks under heavy fire from mortars, artillery, and machine guns, Lieutenant TANZER courageously established an observation post and set up his radio to direct fire upon the tanks.  Throughout the day, he continually exposed himself to direct enemy fire to observe the effect of the friendly fire and return to his radio to adjust fire on other targets.  After greatly assisting in the repelling of two heavy counterattacks during the day, he repelled a third attack during the night, almost entirely with artillery fire.  The following day, despite the continuing enemy fire, he remained in his observation post, and although slightly wounded, continued to adjust highly accurate fire upon the enemy, greatly assisting the holding of this vital hill feature.  Entered the military service from Brooklyn, New York.
                                                        Headquarters 85th Infantry Division                                                          AG 300.4 AG-21                                                          General orders No. 8                                                          APO #85, U.S. Army                                                           4 February 1945

{Check also pages "Operation Reports for 328FA" & "Stories From the Front" for more details of combat at the GOTHIC Line.  A few days later, Lt. Tanzer was reported MIA.  He was severly wounded and left for dead.  He survived his injuries and became a German interpreter with Intelligence Office.}

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