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 Dated:  June 5, 2009

Company B
310TH Engineer Battalion

Company B
Camp Shelby, Mississippi
  - February 1943

    This group photo of 310th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company B was taken during training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.  Camp Shelby is located south of Hattisburg, MS and was the camp where the 85th Infantry Division was formed and trained.  Soon after this photo was taken, the 85th Division and attached units left for advanced training in Louisana.  Then they went to the Desert Training Center in Arizona before they eventually departed from Fort Dix, NJ for the Italian Front.
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Operational Report of 310th Engineers for an official operational report of their actions in Italy.

    Due to the large format, the photo was divided into 4 composites.  Each section can be viewed closer to see faces.
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1 Composite 1 2Composite 2 3Composite 3 4Composite 4

      Info on Section of the Photo
       This photo is 24 X 8 inch group photo that was taken at Camp Shelby that was dated February 1943.  Unlike most other photos, this one does not have a marking or indication of the photographic studio who developed it.  There are about 154 soldiers in this photo are wearing the 4-button tunic with neck-tie.  Most of the soldiers are wearing the DUI pin for the 310th Engineer Battalion on their lower coat lapel.  Some are wearing it also on their cap.  There are several who are not wearing it and about 10 who are not wearing either the DUI pin nor the brass discs on either of their lapels.  There are only 3 officers on the front row center but there are several older NCO's. 
      The details of each of the 4 composite sections are described in detail, as follows:

   Banner added across the bottom of the photo reads: "Company 'B' 310th Engineers - Camp Shelby, Miss - Feb 1943".  According to the history of the 85th Infantry Division, this photo was taken February 1943, just prior to the division leaving to go to maneuvers in Louisianna and then on to desert training in California.

   3 - This section has 3 officers on the front row standing in front of a wooden sign made to resemble their guidon for Company B.  All three officers are Lieutenants and wear a belt with their tunic and the young Lieutenant in the center of the three is wearing a Sam Browne belt.  It appears that he is wearing the DUI pin on his epaulet and an Engineer Branch officer's insignia with "310" above it on his lapel. 
          Robert H. Weymouth was identified in the 6th(back) Row, 4th from Right by his son Bob Jr
         J. William Hoffner was identified in 4th Row, 4th from Left(in middle of row) by his son Ned Hoffner.

    4 -  There are several soldiers in this section who have no brass on their coats.  There are two on the back row who are wearing one DUI on their lapels; almost like the two are sharing one pair between them, even though one is wearing a DUI on his cap.

Uniform Details:  Each enlisted man is wearing the 4-button tunic with neck-tie.  Each wears the Distinguishing Unit Insignia(DUI) for the 31th Engineers on the collars and the overseas cap. The collar discs with "US" and the Engineer branch insignia would also be worn on the upper collar lapel.   There seems to be a mixture of dark overseas caps and lighter khaki ones.

   The 5 Officers in Section 2 are wearing their dark chocolate tunic with a cloth belt and their "pink" slacks.  They wear their rank insignia on their overseas cap.  Oddly, I don't see any NCO ranks above Staff Sergeant.  There are a few T-5's and T-4's tech sergeants.  Other than officers, I only see 3 enlisted men wearing award ribbons on their left breast.  These would be earned when they get to Italy.

Pvt Robert Weymouth

Private Robert H. Weymouth  of Company B poses in his dress uniform during his last visit home before shipping out for Italy in December 1943.  He is wearing his 310th Engineer DUI pins on his uniform lapels and also on his cap.


           Unit Description and Facts

Go To Operational Report of 310th Engineers for an official history of 310th Engineer Battalion.

   Engineers - This was a support group that assisted the infantry companies in the field.  Engineers built bridges, improved roads, cleared roads of mine fields and destroyed enemy obstacles and bridges with demolitions. Several of the support groups in the 85th Division was designated with 310th; 310th Medical Detachment, 310th Military Police.

Repaired Bridge
A Bridge repaired by the 310th Engineer Battalion, somewhere in Italy.
Left portion of the bridge was destroyed and has been repaired using a section of Bailey Bridge.

L tStacy Lewis

Stancy Lewis
of South Carolina was a member of B Company.   By January 1943 He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant.
   During an amphibious assault near Gaeta, his landing craft capsized and Sgt Lewis took action to save his fellow engineers.  Later, he distinguished himself when he assumed command of a squad, which lead to his field promotion to Lieutenant(photo at right).

Go to Lt. Stancy Lewis for his complete biography.

Lt Lewis

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Biographies of 310th Engineers:  Lt. Stancy Lewis T/Sgt Winfred TolbertPfc Warren Stitchenotch, &  Pvt Lee McCloud.

For an official history of this unit's service to the 85th Division, go to Operational Report of 310th Engineers.

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