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Dated:  Jan 6, 2006

PX - Post Exchange
"The Company Store"

Items for Sale or Trade

  This website is not a commericial site.  The purpose of the PX is to allow readers to donate to this website.  These items are sold at a higher price than their fair market value in order to raise money that will be invested back into my website.
  List of Items for Sale Click to Go

 Explanation of Price Mark-up
 The List Price of each item is marked-up to include a donation.  Take a Patch for example.  I can locate an original WW2 patch for 85th Division for about $4.  On the open market it might sale for $6.  On eBay, the bids may force the cost up to $8 with an additional $3 for mailing.  My List Price($15) is almost double what you could get it for if you searched.  But my price is not much higher than the market value, if you include the time you spent on searching for the item.
   Some items I have listed may be very difficult to find.  Others are not.  Hopefully, I will be more convenient and save you wasting your time searching for it.

My Expenses
  The extra money will be used to support this website to purchase software needed to create nice webpags.  Other expenses include purchasing rare books or achive material from the National Archives. I plan to order more operational reports and after-action reports.  The archives charge quite a bit for each page they copy. (See next item.)

Take a Trade?
Anything is for sale and anything is for trade.  But the items I want to receive for trade are any official documents or books that would aide in research on the Italian Campaign.  So, if  you have a rare, limited publication of a history of the 2nd Battalion of 339th Regiment, or other such item, then let's talk trade.

Shipping & Handling
A small S&H fee will be be added but this will be held to a minimum.  Patches:  $1.50.  Books: $3.00.
I have a FedEx account and can ship 2-day at very low cost.
E-mail me about S&H for more than one item.  E-mail me for final totals @PX Store.
You will have to e-mail me, anyway, for payment & address details.

 Items for Sale
These items are available for purchase.

  85th 'Custer' Division Patch

For all you 'Custermen'. 
This will look great in any veteran's medal display case.
Some patches are WW2 cotton and others are post-WW2.

List Price:  $15
% List Price for Post-WW2: $8.00

  5th Army Patch    %Post WW2%
New, unissued condition. 
Full color patch in red, white and blue with merrowed edges.  Original United States Government issue after WW2.  Exact in every detail to teh WW2 issue, except for use of rayon.
The Fifth Army was activated on 12 December 1942 in Oujda, Morocco commanded by Lt. General Mark Clark. From 1946 to 1971, the 5th Army was in Chicago, Illinois.  Current HQ is at Fort Sam Houston, TX. 

% List Price for Post-WW2: $6.00


  "Finito!; The Po Valley Campaign"

Original Pamphlet printed by HQ 15th Army Group, May 1945.
A short history with maps, photos, including full page photos of several commanders. 
A fold-out map in the back cover showing advance of units thru Po Valley. 

Not a xerox copy.   Nice momento of WW2.
Size: 6-1/2 X 8-5/8 inch, 66 pages. 

List Price:  $30.00



"The Road to Rome" 
Original Pamphlet printed during WW2. 

Details 5th Army from the landing in Italy on 9 September 1943 to 4 June 1944 when troops entered Rome. 
Back cover(SHOWN) has patches of the units in Italy. Numerous photographs. 
Not a copy.  Nice WW2 momento.
Measures  5-7/8 X 8-3/8

List Price:  $30
List Price for one marked by Vet:  $25

 "85th Infantry Division; 
  Minturno to the Appennines" COPY
  Printed copy in Large Fonts---easier to read.
  Printed in color. Spiral Bound.  Additional photos.
 This is a copy of the booklet printed by HQ 85th Division in May 1945. A good, short history of the 85th Division with details of the different infantry regiments. Includes the unofficial "Supplement" to this booklet that provides the history of the last few weeks of the war. 
This is the same text and photos as shown on my website at
'Minturno to the Appennines', but easier to read. 
Makes a great gift for a Veteran.
List Price:  $15.00  Large Print COPY
                     Updated to include Color Maps

The Last Reunion DVD Set    NEW
Set of 3 DVD's 

This is almost 10 hours of video recorded at the 50th reunion of the 337th Infantry Regiment of the 85th Division in September 2004.  Casual conversations with veterans and families as they celebrate their friendship. Personal interviews with veterans as they tell their stories.  A special interview with Senator Bob Dole.  Accompany the veterans as they visit the WW2 Memorial and look for departed friends at the Arlington Cemetery. 
Professionally produced by Kindig Media.  Includes a case.

 List Price: $37.50
Link to OmniMedia

 "AAF:  Special Edition for AAF Organizations " 

Published 1944. 
Pocket edition booklet.
A introduction to the Army Air Force with photos of leaders and info on the varioius aircraft and Air Forces.  Includes color sketches of insignia and squadron markings.
Features many black & white photos.
380 pages.  Printed on news print quality paper.
Condition: Good.

List Price:  $30.00

    "Brave Men"

by Pulitzer-prize winner Ernie Pyle
Hardback Edition printed during WW2
( dust jacket is not included )

This book brought the war home to America.  Even though it told the ugly truth about the war, it provided mothers and family back home a ray of hope that our troops were being treated well and just might survive this war. The GI's loved Pyle  because he took risks when he visited them at the front lines. 
This book contains interviews with GI's at Anzio and 45th Division in Italy. Index includes names and hometowns of the GI's that Pyle met and interviewed.  Forward reads:
List Price:  $20.00

 "Up Front"           Not in stock, but can get a copy.

by Pulitzer-prize winner Bill Mauldin 
     (passed away on Jan 23, 2003)
Hardback Edition printed during WW2
 Bill's excellent work of his cartoons that depicted characters Willie & Joe. Humurous but great observations since Bill was a member of the 45th Division and a writer for "Stars and Stripes". 
Condition:  ? Not in stock
(Email to request a copy & I will obtain one)

List Price:  $20.00

 "This Damn Tree Leaks" 
by Pulitzer-prize winner Bill Mauldin
    (passed away on Jan 23, 2003)

Softback Booklet printed in Italy during WW2

 Bill's excellent work of his cartoons in paperback that depicted characters Willie & Joe. Humurous but great observations since Bill was a member of the 45th Division and a writer for "Stars and Stripes". 

List Price:              SOLD

 "The Italian Campaign" by TIME-LIFE Books

Published 1978.  Now out of print.
Hardback book is 1 of 39 volumes on WW2.
A history of the Italian Campaign from landings at Sicily and Salerno to the end of the war--but not much details after fall of Rome.  It includes many photos, including several about Mussolini, including his execution.  Maps & color sketches & color photos.
208 pages. 
Condition: New, Crisp copy.
List Price:  $20.00


   "Alone and Unarmed" 
       by Ernest Kowalik

     Softbound.   Autographed copy
    Glenn Curtis Press 2005

    New --- Re-released and greatly improved.

Staff Sgt. Kowalik was a Army pilot for the 88th Division's artillery ---the only pilot not an officer.  He flew an L-4 Piper Cub to spot for the artillery and to drop messages to forward troops.  He was both pilot and observer.  This is a great account of the experiences of an Army pilot in Italy. 
 Sgt Kowalik tells it like it was without any distracting dialogue.  Good details of his experiences.

 305 pages, several photos & documents, small index. 
List Price:  $25.00




"And There Shall Be Wars"      by Bud Wagner
    SoftboundAutographed copy
  This is a must read for anyone interested in the day-by-day activities of the common GI.  This is Bud's WW2 diary with commentary added at publication. Includes 178 photos taken with his "contraband Kodak camera".   31 chapters.
   Bud was a member of the 151st Field Artillery of 34th Division.  He started out as a cook, then trained on a .50 caliber MG, but most of the time in Italy he was a messenger.  He was constantly on the road at night in a jeep carrying map overlays, YANK magazines and mail.  Bud served from N. Africa thru the entire Italian Campaign.  His unit was loaned to the 36th Division and landed at Salerno on the first day. Later, he landed at Anzio.
   If you are a military vehicle enthusiast, then you will want to read Bud's first love: his 1/4-ton "Jeep".  His diary records the oil changes and the times he repairs it and methods of wrecking it. 
  Note: Bud's son is the editor and has authorized me to advertise their book and use some of his photos on my website.

List Price:  $35.00       [Sale price on his website is $25 + S&H]
The Cover photo has Bud's jacket with the Kodak camera, his diary, and the tobacco can, used to conceal his unauthorized diary.

Please Refer to site for sample quotes & photos: AND THERE SHALL BE WARS

"Calculated Risk"      by General Mark Clark
Hardbound.  Harper & Brothers, 1950
General Mark Clark tells about his experiences in WW2 and the Italian Campaign from his view-point.  Good details about his secret mission to N. Africa, friendly fire at Anzio, & the generals and leaders he met.  Many more of his observations on the details of the Italian Campaign.  This may change your opinion of General Clark.
Good condition; no marks or folded corners.  Ex-library book.
500 pages, 17 pg of glossy photos, 30 small maps. 
List Price:  $30.00

by Stehpen Ambrose
Hardbound Book.  Almost new.  (I read it)

An account of the Normandy invasion with emphasis on Omaha Beach. Personel accounts from veterans.  Maps showing landing of paratroopers and advance of infantry off the beaches.  Good description of the combat at the beaches.  Not a lot of detail of the British and Canadian beaches.
583 Pages.  Photos and Maps.

List Price:  $20

"Soldier’s Album"

Compiled by Col. R.E. Dupuy & Lt. Col. H. L. Bregstein
Published in 1946. 
A collection of photos with captions that describe the campaign in France and Germany.  Printed on paper slightly better than newsprint, so there is some yellowing.  Water damage to cover and some pages.
Hardbound.  173 pages.  Large 12 X 8 inch.
List Price:  $18.00   (Reduced due to condition)

 "Air Force Spoken Here"
Subtitled: General Ira Eaker & the Command of the Air.
By James Parton
Extensive biography of General Eaker who was one of the pioneers of the AAF and the commander of the Mediterranean Allied Air Forces(MAAF) in Italy.  He was one of 5 airmen to receive the Congressional Gold Medal; others were Wright Brothers, Lindberg, and Yeager.
557 pages, 70+ photos.
Condition:  Almost new w/dust jacket
List Price:  $25.00
Link to on-line Biography of  General Eaker
 "Infantry Regiments of US Army"
By K. S. Gallagher & R.L. Pigeon
Published 1986
This appears to be volume 1 that covers the first 100 infantry Regiments and the Airborne Regiments.  Includes several pages of history of the unit from its origin and a separate history of each battalion of the regiment.  Includes a list of campaigns and wars.
Sketches and color plates of the crest and DUI for each regiment.
Nice reference book.
350 pages, w/ dust jacket
List Price:  $30.00
"To Soar With the Eagles"
Autographed by author Sidney Bollick
Autobiography of a young man who left North Carolina and went to Canada to join the RCAF.  Describes his extensive training in Canada and England.  When the 8th Air Force arrived, he joined the USAAF as a copilot on B-24.  He flew several missions in the lead aircraft in the tail gunner position, which earned him a confirmed kill for an Me-109(but this is not in the book).  On his first combat flight as a co-pilot, his B-24 was shot down and he was detained in Switzerland.  He managed to escape with the aid of French underground.  He returned home after 4 years and he was just 22. 
Softbound, 232 pages with photos.
List Price:  $18.00
 "German Infantry in Action"
   By SQUADRON/SIGNAL Publications
Booklet published in 1973 for hobbyists.
Includes great photos and descriptions of German infantry uniforms from 1941 to 1944.  Includes color drawings of 13 examples of uniforms and sketches of weapons and  uniform details.  Very little historical text.
Original edition.  (Booklet is still in print.)
Condition: USED. slight yellowing and wear to edges of pages. But nice quality paper.  Interior is good condition.
List Price:  $15.00


Other Items
These are other books, patches and items from my personal collection.  If you are interested in these, then let's talk about selling or trading them.

E-mail me at PX Store, if you want more detailed description of these items.

   Books - old & new   - Not related to Italian Campaign
1. "D-Day" See description above
I wanted to keep this one but I read it on vacation.  I didn't enjoy Ambrose's later books, "Wild Blue Yonder", as much as I did "Band of Brothers".  This one falls in the middle.
 2. "Curahee"  SOLD
 3. "Military Uniforms 
       of the World in Color
Hardbound w/dust jacket & plastic cover.
Good condition. Pocket-size book, 7-1/4 X 5 Inch
Color plates for 512 uniforms in color, for the wars and countries from 1670 to 1960.  Description of each uniform and the evolution of uniform details.  My favorite ref book back in the 1960's.
270 pages w/Index, Apdx of military terms.
List Price:  $30 

     Militaria Collectibles  -  past & present
1. US Army Air Corps Flag

Flag is partially visible in the background in this photo--

Click to View AAF Flag.

Original Army Air Corps flag.  Blue cotton background with a large winged star (just like the AAF patch).  Yellow fringe around the border.
Size: ~4 X 6 Feet
Condition:  Blue field has several sections with moth hole damage.    Emblem and fringe in good condition.
This should be restored and displayed in a museum. 
List Price:  $75
2.  Russian Tanker's Overalls
    & Cloth Helmet
Khaki, 2-piece overalls worn by Russian tankers in Afghanistan in 1990s.  The shirt has black "CA" epaulets and a holster in the left pocket.  Trousers includes a cloth belt.  When worn the set looks like a jumpsuit.
Includes cloth, tanker's helmet, similar to the style issued in WW2. 
Size:  Medium [Shirt 16, Waist 34] 
Condition:  Like new - only worn at gun show & Halloween.
List Price:  $70
3.  WW2 Dress Shirts I have a variety of shirts that have a shoulder patch or stripes on the sleeves.  Wool or khaki.  Some with stains.
Various sizes but typically shirt size 15 X 32.  Email for a list.

Example: Light Tan shirt with Army Air Corps shoulder patch.
List Price:  $30


    Other Patches - Not realted to Italian Campaign
  Army Air Corps Original Army Air Corps patch.  Blue circle with Wings & Star.
List Price:  $12
  15th Army Air Force 15th Army Air Force as worn in Italy
Patch may be post-WW2 material.
List Price:  $14
%Repro Patch- List Price $9.00
  Other US Division  71st,    78th "Onaway",   86th "Blackhawk", 
 10th Mountain, 63rd "Blood & Fire",  45th%  "Thunderbird"
List Price:  $12.00
% List Price for Repro: $8.00
   Army Air Forces  10AF -  List Price $12.00
  8AF  -  List Price $20.00
Explanation of Repro patches   (noted with this symbol -> %) Email me for a list of available patches.  @ PX Store

Patches fabricated during WW2 were embrodiered on khaki wool backing.  Modern Army patches and reproductions are usually made of rayon or other synthetic material.  The thread work and edging may be slightly different.  Experts can distinguish the difference, usually with the aid of a black-light. 
Either type is suitable for framing with a Veteran's medals.

Contributors: Those who have contributed or purchased items to support this website
      Bill Dempsey
      Ed Schechter
      Ken Chow
      Mike Walker
      Mike Marine
      Rex Giardine
     Jim Controvich

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