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General Orders No. 10 - Scanned from more than 100 pages of documents obtained from National Archives; a typical example of an order from headquarters files of 328th Field Artillery Battalion. The names have been checked for accuracy and some of the serial numbers have been verified but many were illegible.


APO 85, U.S. Army
10 July 1944
GENERAL ORDERS NO. 10  1. In compliance with paragraph 5, AR 600-68 dated 4 May 1943 the fo11owig named en1isted men are forfeited the right to wear the Good Conduct Medal and the Service Ribbon thereto effective this date:  
1st Sgt. Woodrow NMI Willis, 6262406.
               { NMI = No Middle Initial }
Pvt. Allen J. Sonnier, 34427786
Pfc Steward A. Windle, 33444244.
Pfc Herbert A. Lundberg, 37275678.
Pvt. Frederick E. Green, 6947328.
Pvt. Frederick E. Green, 6947328
Pvt. Paul R. Koontz, 35037993.
Tec 4 James C. Sanders, 6955499.
Tec 5 George NMI Skoken, 33271369.
Pvt. Fred H. Tucker, 34205749.
S/Sgt. Harvey E., Horn, 6284090.
Sgt. Clyde E. Schell, 37200951.
Pvt. Joseph M. Hogan, 32660492.

2. Under the provision of AR-600-68 and for exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity, the following named enlisted men are awarded the Good Conduct Medal:
Sgt. Harvey A. Thorne, 35353827.
Tec 4 Victor L. Halpin, 12065441.
Tec 4 Edward C. Paukert, 37091885.
Tec 4 Wi11ard A. Weaver, 35022304.
Tec 4 Joseph M. Yanacheck, 36242324.
Cpl. David M. Hannaghan, 38171769.
Cp1. Frank NMI Patera., 33058873.
Cpl. Paul A. Rodkey, 33200653.
Tec 5 Cyril O. Burt, 39914370.
Tec 5 Carl W. Cherrier, 31209~14.
Tec 5 James C, Collins, 35651985-.
Tec 5 James N. McConnell, 39547842.
Tec 5 James NMI Sciame, 32524262.
Tec 5 Louis H. Smith, 33383090.
PFC Albert R. Bailey, 33444354.
PFC General R. Cato, 34444676. {An unusual first name}
PFC Wi11iam J. Daniel, Jr., 34374611.
PFC Henry J. Hinkel, 59327818
TEC 4 George -------(name cut off top of page)
Cpl. Alenander H. Brewster, 33093028
Cpl. Corne1ius J. Curtin, 32615404.
Cpl. Robert S. Dudley, 34330863.
Cpl. George L. Ferguson, 32267446.
Cpl. Arthur J. Groweg, 35286742.
Cpl. George R. Nikula, 36198580.
Cpl. Paul S. Powell, Jr., 15305996.
Tec 5 Willie J. Aldridge, 33217162.
Tec 5 Leslie I. Hoffman, 32341015.
Tec 5 Dominic P. Miccolia, 35164196.
Tec 5 Hubert A. Murrell, 3428560.
Tec 5 Herman W. Stoekmann, 37275844.
PFC Adolph NMI Garcia, 18049125.
PFC Frank W. Coffman, 32267773.
PFC Paul J. Koerber, 32200729.
PFC Walter T. Mahoney, 32338435.
PFC John N. McFarlin, 34283014.
PFC Carl H. Nelson, 34283014. (Clerk Error)
PFC Gordon L. Ostrander, 36460763.
PFC Willard L. Russ, 15308256.
PFC George J. Unis, 32282563.
Pvt. Douglas J. Aitchison, 32892386.
Pvt. Steve T. Bochniak, 36743653.
Pvt. Santo T. DePompo, 3254l958.
Pvt. Dale W. Enghusen, 39618473.
Pvt. Robert R. Heister, 3373861.
Pvt. Lowman NMI Hudson, 34513961.
Pvt. Fred .NMI Janssen, 326~9231.
Pvt. James NMI Koons, 33368407. (letter re-struck)
Pvt. Albert J. Loyack, 33359283.
Pvt. Ernest E. McCudlar, 34480400.
Pvt. William NMI Reich, 32927397.
Pvt. John S. Solla, 35200664.
Pvt. Donald D. Viall, 11083227.
Pvt. William F. Wingerson, 33678711.


S/Sgt Ira T. Slaugter, 38025l85.
Sgt. Condon E. Davis, 34283191.
Tec 4 John I. Fields, 34303878.
Tec 4 Edwin NMI Smith, 33200320.
Cpl. Joseph NMI Harchar, 33058805.
Cpl. Arnold L. Kearby, 36074866.
Tec 5 Lonzo H. Conley, 34327143.
Tec 5 Thomas J. Mayer, 37270009.
PFC Jessie J. Biangone, 33685497.
PFC Thomas NMI Cappiello, 32333290.
PFC John L. Coffey, 34433172.
PFC Edward J. Faras, 33337431.
PFC Albert NMI Kester, 38128320.
PFC Leo W. Northup, 3719 5772.
PFC Daniel L. Pearson, l3l29584.
PFC James J. Reynolds, Jr., 31292984.
PFC Melvin W. Rupe, 35565081.
PFC John P. Ryan, 33313916.
PFC Delmar N. Scott, 35499368.
PFC Vincent P. Tuffy, 32340978.
PFC Arthur W. Willis, 36241007.
Pvt. Robert W. Bloomgren, 33437013.
Pvt. Michael M. DeSisto, 32891956.
Pvt. Arthur E. Laughner, 13132650.
Pvt. Robert. J. Mayle, 35741539.
Pvt. Raymond W. Perry, 3l3l8834.
Pvt. Thomas NMI Pratley, 33778451.
Pvt. Walter H. Quay, Jr., 12214481.
Pvt. Eugene A. Rathgeber, 11120262.
Pvt. Samuel NMI Simonian, 31292064.
Pvt. Earl R. Smith, 34730451.


S/Sgt. John A. Peterson, 6958960.
Sgt. Charlie D. Glidden, 38035443.
Sgt. Grover C. Hodges, 33l58836.
Cpl. James F. Hil1, 69235l6.
Cpl. Ralph NMI Walker, 36074785e
Tec 5 Frank T. Dudek, 15091556.
Tec 5 Floyd V. Moshier, 32579090.
Tec 5 Murrel R. Quick, 32629467.
PFC Robert T. McCullough, 34444492.
PFC Wi1liam R. Wesson, 34428209.
Pvt. William E. Davis, 35660504.
Pvt. George H. Downey, 32757741.
Pvt. David L. Reid, 34782374.
Pvt. Richard J. Willming, 35658188.


Sgt. Boyd G. Condley, 6291712.
Tec 4 Netten T. Carter, 34276055.
Tec 4 George F. Doyal, 6952967.
Tec 4 Ray W. Samuelson, 37274567.
Cpl. John Vatral, 32302020.
PFC Anthony A. Ciarcia, 32336834.
PFC Bernard W. Mackin, 37183910.
PFC Howard L. Phillips, 37194925.
Pvt. Max NMI Bork, Jr., 35743678e
Pvt. Donald K. Colgan, 37478383.
Pvt. Hubert W. DilLard, 345l4l57.
Pvt. Joseph W. Ley, 32831207.
Pvt. John H. Rossi, 31334973.
Pvt. Emmett A. Tresse11, 35586807.
Pvt. Joseph F. Wahrlich, 32851715.
Pvt. L. (IO) D. (IO) Walters, 344228375.
                { (IO) = Initial Only }

Tec 3 John P. Brand, 37276795.
Tec 4 William KMI Klinger, Jr., 35345358.
Cpl. Herbert NMI Creasing, 33058982.
PFC Thomas E. Adaway, 32629401.
           By order of Lt. Col. BURT0N:

                                          JAMES T. HENSON, SR.
                                          WOJG, USA,
                                          Personnel Adjutant.

Personnel Adjutant.


    APO 85  is the Army Post Office for the 85th Division.
   WOJG is rank of Warant Officer Junior Grade which was the rank below 2nd Lieutenant.

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