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This site is dedicated to the Men of the 85th 'Custer' Division in WW2.  It contains over 100 pages on the history of the division and its units.  Other links include the history of the Italian Campaign of WW2 from May 1944 to May 1945---the period of the campaign referred to as the "forgotten front".

In Memory of Those Who Served

   Disclaimer:     This website is not associated with any veteran's organization or any official U.S. Army or Department of Defense organization.

Welcome to the 85th  
Welcome to this website about 85th Division
However, the above image is the cover of a pamphlet used
to welcome the new recruits to the 85th Infatnry Division. 

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The Greatest Generation

  Biographies of soldiers
who fought in Italy

This is the purpose of my website--- to tell the stories of those who served our country. 
The stories are about your typical American who enlisted in the Army, but each one has a unique story to tell.  Some of them did not make it back but they are remembered.
This menu contains a photo and a short sketch of each soldier.  Click on their photo or name and open to a page on their story, that usually includes a photo of them in uniform and years later in peace time.
This site include the story of PFC Henry Guarnere, who is mentioned in the movie "Band of Brothers".  I have researched his service record and obtained a photo of him from the family. 
Note: this material is copyrighted. I do not loan it out without the family's permission.

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Screen shot of Army Maps

Army Maps Issued
for the
Italian Campaign

Examples of maps printed for use at the Front Lines.

   Out of all my pages, this one has received the most email comments and inquiries.  Many people are interested in maps that show details of where the soldiers fought.
   The maps are from my personal collection of paper maps.  Some of the maps are the key to under-
standing the Operations Reports and daily reports as the maps contain the coordinates found in these references. 
  If you are seeking a map detail for some area in Italy, then email me and I will send you a digital scan.

Custermen contains pages that will assist the reader in research as well as stories of personal impact on the war, as noted in the above mentioned page.

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Documents page
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  Link to several documents obtained from National Archives.

General Orders for 328 Field Artillery Battalion

Operational Reports of 328 Field Artillery Battalion

Daily Journal of 328 FA

 Maps issued by Army

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